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Originally Posted by ILC32 View Post
Yes I hope everyone here is suitably awed.

Okay BM3W guys, share your superior knowledge about the E92 M3 with the all the uninformed children on this board!

There is no reason for us to speculate when we have true authorities on all things BMW in our presence! Thank god!

For the standard model and the CSL please tell us: What is the weight? What is the HP/TQ? What is the redline? Will EDC be available? What differences will there be between the US and EU versions? What is the ring time?

Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and insight!
Who's claiming to be an expert on the new M3? None of us know any definite facts about the E92 M3, but we do know what it won't have. You get people on here asking "will it have a turbo?", "will it have 4WD", "unless there's an auto option I'm not getting one". These are the sorts of people who come on this forum.

In answer to your questions. My educated guesses are

Standard: 1590 kg
CSL: 1490kg

Standard: 420bhp
CSL: 440bhp

Standard: 8250
CSL: 8250

EDC available
Standard: Yes, there has been a mule spotted with it.
CSL: Yes, see above

Ring time:
Sub 8 minutes for both.