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Originally Posted by VP Electricity View Post
I'm aware it's not a sedan.

I've seen at least one really good installer make a stepped ring on a router, which uses the OEM bolt holes, but doesn't locate the driver frame against the door. It moves the driver frame forwards, into the grille cavity. This allows retention of the mechanical mounting system, while gaining the space needed.

So, no, using the OEM bolts does not necessarily mean that the driver hits the window. Using them as if it was a sedan, I'm sure they do hit the window.

I'm looking for the pic I was sent, to illustrate more clearly what I mean.
The stepped MDF ring made here moves the driver frame into the grille cavity (around 15mm approximately), however the OEM grille mounting tabs are in the way of the Morel frame regardless of the MDF ring.

If the tabs are kept the speaker cannot be moved into the grille cavity.