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Originally Posted by VP Electricity View Post
Nice write-up, T. A couple of questions:

The mounting frame for the E92 speakers is the same as the E90, but I don't see in your pic where the OEM speaker would bolt to the door panel. Did you also remove those bosses? Otherwise, wouldn't you just use the mounting ring you speak of to use them to mount the speaker to the door mechanically?
The OEM speaker frame with the three screws was used to fix the MDF mounting ring to the door and then Dynamat was used. The Morel speaker (with the OEM grille fixed to it) just snaps from the front of the panel into the mounting ring using the pressure tabs on the sides of the speaker. That way the grille keep the tight look into the leather.

If the removable brackets (screw mount) were to be used with this speaker the magnet would have hit the window. We tried it... and we hit it.

This is no Sedan like mine, where I used those brackets and Dynamat as well without any issues (bolts are missing from these photos but installed before putting the panel back in):

If I ever install these Morels in a Coupe/Convertible again I would custom-design the mounting ring in ABS plastic with molded in tabs so it will held both the speaker and the OEM grille from the front of the door panel. The MDF worked great, but I had cut and glue two MDF rings as perfect as possible together to match the door panel, and that was a lot of work.

I've snapped many Morel tweeters in the BMW pods - there is a tab inside the mount which must be trimmed with an xacto knife. Did you try this?
This was another surprise... this convertible tweeter pod has a very deep and thick ring between the mounting tabs, so the Morel tweeter could not get into the OEM mount deep enough to clear one screw in that metal sail. So those rings got to go as well.

I was expecting to install them as I did in my Sedan but the mount was really different (my Sedan photo; no photos of the Convertible mount, sorry):

Where did you set all the xover jumpers before installing them where you did?
I left the Morel crossover jumpers at factory setting (tweeters at 0dB, mid/woofers at 12db slope) at the owner's desire. Set the underseat to 170-180Hz LP, front and back to 100Hz HP with the HD900/5 crossovers, and kept the gains at minimum (7 o'clock) for the front/back and 8 o'clock for the SWS-8.