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Exclamation E46 ///M3 vs E92 ///M3!!!

Since there are LOTS of lovers and haters for the E92 M3 on BMW forums, I was VERY curious to see what others thought in order to get unbiased answers and opinions. I asked lots of people around me (friends and girlfriends), posted it up on various online forums, and even a MySpace bulletin asking which one they liked more. This is the original thread/bulletin I posted up:

"So what do you folks think? The new 2008 E92 ///M3 debuted a couple days ago at the Geneva show. Some people love it and some people hate it. Some say they like the new look and some say the E46 M3 is classic.

Pictures and Info can be found here:

2008 BMW E92 ///M3

Trade in my E46 M3 for one? Or keep mine and keep modding? I only have 5700 miles on my ///M3 so it's pretty much brand new. What do you guys think?

Pictures of MY car and info can be found here:

2005 Alpine White E46 BMW ///M3

Give me some feedback. Thanks a bunch!"

Guess what? I've gotten TONS of resposes from many many girls and guys. People who were and were not into cars. Just alot of different people's opinion other than BMW fanatics for unbiased answers. I was curious to see what they felt.

About 80-90% of the responses were that they STILL liked the E46 M3 much better. They all told me to keep it and NOT to trade it in for the new E92 M3. Most of them thought the new one looked ugly, like a whale or not as nice as the E46. They all pretty much said that the E46 M3 has the true classic image of BMW. I still have alot of their replies saved.

This tells me that still the majority of people like the E46 M3 over the E92 M3. So for all you E46 M3 owners who want to "throw away" your E46 M3 or feel bad because your E46 is the last gen model now... don't feel bad because your car is still the SH*T and the majority of people STILL prefer the E46 over the E92.