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Originally Posted by drivendriver View Post

Thanks for the reply. I must be doing something wrong because I still can't put it back in. I tried putting the bottom tip and the center first, and then deforming the top tip, but that didn't work.

The tensioner clip on the wear sensor is also a bit of a pain. Twice I've let it fall back into the caliper, so I had to remove the caliper again to get the clip back.

And it's only the first wheel. I guess this thread needed someone like me to highlight the pitfalls for the non-mechanically inclined . The last time I changed brake pads was several years ago on a kart .
I think everyone that has taken this up has hit the same issues. I'll have to admit the first time was a little awkward, but with each time it becomes easier.

I use a good set of tight fitting mechanics gloves so that I can use my hands and found that I can push the outer edges of the clips to where they would normally go. This only leaves pushing the center tongue into its recessed groove. The odd time I may need to use a screw driver to help lift it up whilst I push it so that it falls into the groove.

For the little clip on the brake sensor, I use a small precision needle nose plier to close the clip so that it fits snug on the brake sensor. That should help it from falling off as you put the brake sensor clip bake in.

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