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Originally Posted by jgalaxy View Post
It doesnt matter how many you do. The spring can be re-installed with finger pressure and a little help of a screw driver to coax it into place. I have an E92 non-M and find the rears a little difficult. Nothing that a flat head screw driver cant help with. I hope you made out ok.
Thanks for the reply. I must be doing something wrong because I still can't put it back in. I tried putting the bottom tip and the center first, and then deforming the top tip, but that didn't work.

The tensioner clip on the wear sensor is also a bit of a pain. Twice I've let it fall back into the caliper, so I had to remove the caliper again to get the clip back.

And it's only the first wheel. I guess this thread needed someone like me to highlight the pitfalls for the non-mechanically inclined . The last time I changed brake pads was several years ago on a kart .