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Originally Posted by coh4777 View Post
I'm still going strong with the Insanity! Finishing up week 4 right now and will be going into the recovery week. One thing that I have noticed tho is that my hamstrings are constantly tight. I do some of my own stretching before firing up the workouts and stretch afterwards as well as at nights, but I just can't seem to get them loose again. While I am still probably more flexible than most people, I know that my hamstrings are tighter than they were before I started Insanity. I'm hoping they will feel back to normal by the end of the recovery week. I might also do the p90x yoga routine tomorrow (my off day) to see if that helps out. Anyone else experiencing this?
Haven't experienced any tight hamstrings myself. Hopefully you can recover and be back to normal before starting the MAX routines. I'm alittle over 3 weeks and have lost 8 lbs but should have taken measurements cuz my fiancÚ told me I'm losing more around my chest and midsection so I'm gonna start measuring on Monday. My goal is 8-10 more lbs by the end of the program. I thinking I'll go through the MAX month twice before hopping into p90x. This past week was the first time I'm able to complete the workouts without pausing the DVD. I swear Shaun t is trying to kill me. Lol.