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Originally Posted by Sylon View Post
I love the look, well done. I love the wheels, although I think 19's might have flowed better. But, I love the look you have going, the white stripe inside the wheels is perfect contrast.
unfortunately Sylon the GTSR-M's only come in one size. I probably would have went with 19s for a better clearance, but it actually turned out really well!

Bobbyd all you have to do is register it in a different state. im sure easier said than done. Im in the military stationed in ft bragg. car is registered in pa so nc police cant cite me for it. its wonderful lol its funny u point out my parking. im always either parked like that or on an end spot 2 inches from the curb. im sure we would all agree how tragic a ding would be.

Fifthstreetz, i picked up the Breytons on they make it so easy. already come mounted and balanced with tpsm installed. the rest is a piece of cake!

Tico, check out Magnaflow. They make pretty awesome exhausts. it sounds MEAN on the M

Malekreza I wasn't aware that RDSport made two different types of springs. It is my understanding that they make one type and one type only. I picked mine up for 330 shipped from a dealership in Cali. autotalent i think was the name?

e92 m3, thanks! nope didnt roll the fenders. i actually placed an order with recently for a 12mm and a 7mm for the rears which should be in soon. now that im on the subject, my passenger wheel sticks out 5mm more than my driver side. even before the suspension install. bmw couldnt explain in. can anyone on here? will post pics as soon as i get them installed!