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Originally Posted by JK42 View Post
Nice to see this guy trolling with these sock puppet accounts, supporting his own opinion. There is nothing CSL about this release. There's no CSL even planned of the E9x M3 at this point. This whole CSL-issue has been totally blown out of proportion and is completely wild speculation. Keep in mind the E46 M3 CSL was a very limited production run of less than 6 months, producing few thousand individual vehicles for the EU market and if there ever will be another M3 CSL, it will most likely follow that suite. Forget about E92 M3 CSL! It's bunch of BS fed by people who want to see people speculate on something that won't happen for years, if ever - now that the speculation on the E92 M3 is about to end as the facts come out. If anything, it's more likely for M GmbH to produce a racing version of the new M3 along the lines of Z4 M Coupé Rennsport for racing teams to procure, but no CSL.

Oh and by the way, who's going to tell me now that the E92 M3 is going to be introduced in fall 2007?

The car itself looks good. Shame about the limited production quotas for 2007 and the initial availability of manual only transmission.

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Tell you what, pop on over to

Then search user SteveD, Zod, Woms, Housemaster and a few others if you think we are one person. Sock puppet for feck sake, wind your neck in son, your making a cock of yourself!

You might want to read through some of SteveD's posts too, see why most of us in the know take what he says with a load more weight than people like you who we no NOTHING about and who have NO track record over many years within the more 'grown up' motoring forums. Many of us have orders for E92 CSL's and E92 M3's sitting in our dealers, and have done so for over a year, just as we did for the E46 so rest assured we have been watching the world of M for years, not a few months. I am neither a troll or a person with all the answers, but I do get pissed like some of my fellow bm3w members when we see the blind leading the blind!

Enjoy your forum, bm3w is back, and I suggest a few of our more open minded cousins may wish to take a look for a little more 'in depth' discussion rather than engaging with a few mass debaters. I wish your forum all the best, I really do