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Originally Posted by DLJJ3399 View Post
I could be really off here. Butů He who holds the gold makes the rules.
That idea is overly simplistic.
Originally Posted by DLJJ3399 View Post
And the oil companies hold the gold.

I some how, don't think that the companies that profit from petroleum will give up their profits and big business that easily.

There are so many other alternatives that are not being investigated.

However, BMW is on the forefront of this technology.

The hydrogen automobile runs on water, emit water vapor at the tailpipe, has no pollution and has been under development for 30 years.

Hydrogen as a motor fuel is the answer to many environmental problems since there are no harmful emissions, no depleting of resources, no danger to the atmosphere, and it can be produced from a variety of renewable resources.

The BMW solution is a Clean Energy system where liquid hydrogen is produced from water using solar power, the hydrogen is dispensed from automated filling stations and it powers modified BMW 7 H2R production vehicle.

My Liberal 2 cents...
I am most definitely not a liberal, and I am most definitely in favor of hydrogen powered cars.

We also need to build some nuclear power plants. That is something we can learn from the leftist nation of France.

Being conservative doesn't mean that you close your eyes to reality. Hopefully conservatives have a greater grasp of reality.
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