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my gun is to protect me from my government...protecting me from badguys is the gravy

I have several guns for sport and they will double as protection should the situation ever arise. In the US armed intruders are not armed because they think they may find someone with a loaded glock by their pillow, they are armed because they want to inflict fear and have the upper hand so whomever it is they are trying to rob will give into their demands.

I just feel bad for the unlucky bastard who forcibly enters my private residence; he/she will only briefly hear the sound of the trigger mechanism releasing the hammer before becoming incapacitated. The way I see it, if you break into my house and put my family and I in danger, you signed your own death certificate the moment you made that conscious decision.

In my eyes, and I'm sure many others will agree: It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
Could not have said it better myself.