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Just did my annual oil change (yes, rather pay than take car to dealer ), draining engine overnight, and sucking the 0.2L inside the oil filter housing, and engine sucked 9.5L until full. Last time tech (at 1.2K-mile service) left car draining during his hour-long lunch, meaning if I hadn't sucked the filter housing dry (he obviously didn't), it'd have been exactly 9.3L again . The good news is next oil change I'll just buy the kit and use the 1/2-liter left (bought 10 liters this time) to top it off, like I always do. My guess is the 8.8L figure is with a quick drain, like most dealers do. The good news is level didn't move from full in about 3K miles, and half that was highway between 3 and 4K rpm most of the time.

Although I much prefer a regular dipstick, I have my electronic oil sensor figured out to a 'T', and has been 100% consistent. And also accurate, within its 0.25L tolerance. As a final note, my suspicion is most new cars are not topped off by dealers, and might give some owners the impression their cars are burning oil, or more than they think. That's why I always top off my vehicles, and monitor oil consumption. Not only to know how much they consume, but to avoid having to carry oil in the trunk. Take care gang.

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