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Originally Posted by E92M3Guy View Post
I wonder what the long term effects would be with sticking HIDs in the actual angel eye housing. It puts out more heat than regular bulbs so the long term effect of the chrome has to peel soon or later from the heat of the HID bulb. No vendor can say there isn't any bc the car hasn't been out there long enough to do long term testing and no vendor can say, we did our research...since when? The car came out in 08, its not like they did research before it came out.

I have seen people stick HIDs in the halogen headlights, blind everyone and after 5-6 years, you see the chrome in the headlight housing burn away from the hid bulb.
And all they say is "we've never had any problem before, must be install error, bla bla bla, or this is an 'isolated case'" Like Umnitza before when a car caught on fire.
There is a reason I am leaving my car stock for the most part.