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Some info from great Scott:

And why would BMW show a hybrid of a CSL & a regular production M3. Are you sure we did not just see the CSL M3 on the show floor, with the production model being stashed behind the scenes?
As I said their are elements shown here that do not feature on the production car for example the concept car does not share the CSL carbon fibre bootlid which with an integrated spoiler confines the licence plate to the rear bumper. And the CSL gets further aerodynamic aid at the front of the car than the production M3 Coupe. A pre-production prototype M3 is at Geneva along with two other key models and an X5 Individual . MINI had brought a Clubman or two along. One was for evalution and presentation and another which will be a real-life teaser of the MINI Clubman on the streets of Geneva.

I think the video of the production car backing up, raises some questions as to BMW not being sure which car to debut in Geneva... Which makes it interesting to speculate why BMW decided not to show the production car...
I was still in my hotel at this point but. To me it looks like They were probably still prepping the Concept Car for it's introduction but used the wrapped production car for a rehersal. I know that both M3's did not arrive in Geneva until the afternoon the previous day. So they would have little time to do a run through as the car was shown to Swiss representitives in a studio in Geneva the night before the show.

@ Geneva 2004 we had two M5's available one for Herr Stuck to drive onto the stage as Herr Priaulx did with the M3 and one which was on display on a plinth. Again the drivable one was kept behind closed doors as was two examples of the about-to-be announced BMW 1er. And a example of the upcoming E90.

We did not debut the production car for three reasons A : The car is still in the final stages of development and B: The timeframe which we have allocated from Concept car to international launch fits in well with our requirements. And C: Our Product roadmap called for updates to two key European models the 5er and 1er so these had priority over everything else. The Frankfurt motor show is the most important motor show of 2007 and the M3 deserves a high profile launch.