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Originally Posted by southlight View Post
Already had the same thought, because I read anywhere an interview with Bruhnke (former m.chief) who said there shouldn't be to many CSL versions to keep the exclusiveness. And an M6 CSL seems to be on the way....

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Wow, that is food for thought. Maybe they make ONLY an M6 CSL, and with it they pull out all the stops in terms of weight savings and performance. They could make most of the body out of CF and alumnium, thinner glass, more HP out of the V10. If they could get that thing down to 3500 lbs with 550 HP and perfect suspension tuning it would be something.

I still have hope for an M3 CSL, though. With Aluminum doors, less sound deadening, thinner glass, stiffer suspension, and about 450 HP that would probably take a GT3.

Or they could just drop the V10 in it and be done!
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