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Originally Posted by Hotan Braskey View Post
I didn't get to read all the posts, so sorry if someone already asked this, but does it look like a full leather package will be an option? From the interior shots it looks like their is leather stitching on the center console next to the shitfer. Not sure I would get it, but it would be nice to have the option.
The console leather, as well as the leather on the center of the dash, looks like the "Carbon Leather" trim option currently available on the Z4 M's. It would be nice if the M3 had a full leather option, because the pebble-grain on the dash isn't too pretty. I don't think anyone has any info on that yet, but I'd bet against it because full leather like on the M5, isn't really the M3's market, or, hasn't been...... Not sure how far "upmarket" they want to move the M3, with the coming of the 1 series M....