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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
That's correct, but I was wondering if we reset the CBS ourselves after a DIY oil change if dealer knows we did . They don't do it because the next time the system triggers a tranny and oil differential fluid change along with engine oil. Hmmmmm. They also should be done every 2 years regardless of miles (same as engine oil once a year), but BMW doesn't want to do that.

I just changed my oil with 4,500 miles on the clock because it's been a year since the 1,200-mile service, and was seriously thinking about resetting the CBS (I did reset it with the brake fluid change I did myself), so I could maybe have another tranny and diff oil changes before warranty runs out, but I'll do that myself too. If my car doesn't have a problem (knocking on wood), it probably won't see a dealer again under my ownership .
The dealer will do an annual oil change as part of the included maint plan regardless of the CBS indicator. The CBS indicator for oil changes is based on fuel consumed, so hard driving and track days will shorten the oil change interval.