Thread: BBK or Panerai?
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Originally Posted by FredVMI View Post
Assuming you're not tracking the car, the BBK is out. At $10k+ for a premium watch, it's more about jewelry than about being an accurate timepiece or deep water resistance. With this in mind, there are many more attractive (and more desirable) watches at that price point. Personal tastes vary widely on watches like this, but, I personally think the Panerai 292 is very plain looking. Those who know the brand (which will be very few) will be impressed. Most everyone else will not. If you're looking for status amongst a select group, buy the watch. Otherwise (and assuming your M3 is not a track car), buy neither and bank the cash.
You clearly don't know anything about watches. The more accurate the more expensive the watch usually is. Hence why Patek Philippe is usually price around 30-60 grand for solid gold watches. However, if you were to spend 10k on a watch I would go with a Breitling, a much more beautiful face and over all design, very accurate as well.