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Nice Sig. I love them. I bought a P220 with silver slide a year ago. It is older and is stamped with a W. Germany on it. I was told not many have those that you can buy used anymore. Not sure how true it is. Is yours stamped Germany or W. Germany? My buddy shoots compititions and has just about every Sig hand gun made including custom ones, and he still asks me if I want to sell He already has 3 .45 cal sigs built slightly different. Not sure why he wants mine so bad.

I carried a 220 on duty with me 11 years ago when I was a reserve officer. I learned from the old timers to carry something with serious stopping power since 9mm tend to pass right through with no knock down power. I had to carry 5 extra clips and got good at changing them really fast.

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For the record, this will be paired with a Remington Model 700 SPS Tactical very soon:

Here's my current weapon, it's chambered for .40S&W.

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