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Originally Posted by monsta View Post
How close is close for that ZSG & will it have any bugs is the problem...I really hope this all close to right but maybe a little off on HP in that we might actually get more I hope, but I'll be happy if nothing changes from this list...
I guess I am still looking for bragging rights a bit. I would be happy with anything > RS4. I know that is not what is really important, but darn I just want it. If this is true about the redline (why hasn't someone got a close up of that yet...) and they restrict it from 8250 down to 8000 this could have an effect of about 15 hp! I can't imagine why they would do this on their "uber coupe", but may do so. I think it'll have DGI as well which should make up some hp ground. If it gets DGI+8250 redline it should be well into the 430+ range actual (not reported) with NO OTHER engine enhancements since the M5 was developed.

Of all the things they reported I think the hp/tq are the most unbelievable.

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