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Interesting facts and speculation from Edmunds

OK since until BMW releases some official info basically all we have is gossip. This article seems well written and most things they say just make sense with what we know so far. Surely some mags and websites have better insider contacts than most of us, so maybe much of this is true.

Since I am straving for some REAL information and this seems as good as I have seen I am posting it.
  • 414 hp
  • 295 ft lb torque
  • 8000 rpm redline
  • Displacement 3.999 l (4 l)
  • 92.0mm bore and a 75.2mm stroke (identical to E60 M5)
  • 1.6" wider at the front fenders than 335i
  • Perfect 50-50 weight balance
  • Extra sheet steel reinforcements in body floor for rigidity
  • Vent on rear bumper is outlet of a venturi used to cool rear differential
  • Full chassi "undertray" for better aerodynamics
  • BMW is close to finalizing production plans for dual clutch tranny (ZSG) so maybe no SMG