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Originally Posted by attila View Post
I see, so that means in 6,800 miles plus about 14 track days I had enough use that I needed a new oild change. In other words it is really a good idea to change your oil way more frequently than the OEM service intervals if you track the car. I drive conservatively on the street with OK (20mpg avg.) milage, so I asume the continous high revs on the track contributed big time to this.
I would say that is a fair assessment. A track day might be worth 500 miles of average driving. Let's take your case, 14 track days, say that's equivalent to 7,000 miles plus the 6,800 makes 13,800 miles. Close enough to a nominal 15k. I'm not going to say that the 1 track day to 500 miles ratio always applies but it isn't unreasonable in my book.
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