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Originally Posted by BarryC View Post
Thanks all! I'll post up some more pics this weekend. Hopefully most if not all the mods I mentioned will be on the car. Already done: spacers, grills, painted reflectors!

Few quick impressions so far vs. my '08 E92 - suspension is firmer. I'd say similar to eibach pros. A little more growl in the exhaust. Idrive is definitely much better. I also really like the speedcloth. It's interesting because I had extended fox red in the '08 and everyone who's seen both likes the speedcloth better. I think it's "sportier" than leather. Very happy with my decision to buy this car!
Barry I ordered almost the same as you minus ZCP and MT. Can you post some interior pics? Also I was curious about the black grills and CF splitters. Love to see pics and wondering why you chose the contrast. Figure CF all around would look the best. I bought SC sight unseen and I'm anxious to see how it turns out whether I regret not getting leather or not. I thought it was very sporty too! Amazing car man.
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