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I changed the oil this past weekend with the help of this writeup. It was my first time changing the oil in any car. I made a bit of a mess in the garage moving the drain pans around, but overall things were good.

I wonder if the electronic dipstick's sensitivity is just tuned to a very small range. I let the oil drain out for a very long time (needed to grab a lighter duty torque wrench after realizing mine only went down to 30 N-m, so a friend went with me in his car while mine kept draining) and changed the filter, so there probably wasn't much oil left in the car. I initially added 8.5L, and it read low. I think by the end I added around 8.7L and the reading is close to the top arrow now.

Oh, and my allegedly "low profile" jack can't get under the car to the front center jack point, so I have to jack up one of the front corners, put a ramp under the wheel, lower the car, and then move the jack under to the center jack point to get it on stands. PITA, but it works fine.