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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
OK you surely know more about the tire monitoring system than me...but... How do you know which car is which when they are totally covered and all you can see are the rims? I still think they are showing two cars there, one to the public and one behind closed doors. It makes sense, that is the way shows work, Scott said it and there are pictures to support that point of view, along with the CSL elements we can all see on the concept.
I agree and disagree at same time. I have no doubt at all that there could be another M3 (production version) in Geneva, but we have no pictures imo. We have seen two different rims on a M3 that's covered and we've seen an irritated FTM system (the 19'' production wheels will be 265/35 rear, the Concept rims have 265/30). That makes sense in the way I said, but feel free not to follow this oppinion.

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