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Originally Posted by Voltigeur View Post
All good. And I'm still amazed - after seeing all the banged-up / scraped cars in Paris - that some m3posters are willing to drive their cars in the city
-- V
Glad you had a good visit. I ended up at Le Mans and enjoyed the trip (my 2nd) very much.

As far as driving in Paris with an M3, well going on two years, 38,000kms and car still looks brand new (except for a few stone chips in the front). I don't commute with the M3, and am pretty careful with parking (like most decent car owners, I'll risk a parking ticket over putting the car between two Peugeots, but generally I prefer one of the parking garages). You learn to be very good at parking and judging the width of car (with folder mirrors sometimes). In traffic, it does help to be in the nicer car. When I first got here, I thought it would only be a matter of time before one of the "motos" would do a bug impersonation on the side of my car...but the French riders are quite good at passing between cars. Except when a tourist wanders into the "perif" and doesn't realize that the space between the two left most lanes if bike turf.

Hopefully can catch up the next time you visit.