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Mark your Calenders. Gintani is coming to town

Mark your calendars. July 16th-17th we are hosting a Gintani/Bren Tuning/OE Tuning custom tuning dyno event at PSI in Auburn, MA. Located 5 minutes from Worcester, MA and 35 minutes from Boston, MA! This dyno is configured in 2WD and 4WD combinations, so all cars are welcome.

Why is this ground-breaking? We will have some of the BEST East and West coast European car tuners all under one roof all weekend providing some of the best tunes used all over the world. This will only happen once this year!

On the fence about getting your car tuned? This is the best time to do it! Save money and time being able to flash on site, and drive away with amazing HP gains. If you aren’t familiar with the names, OE/Gintani have tuned the fastest and record-holding M3’s and M5’s. OE/Gintani also has created and tuned the first M3 supercharge kit and E60 M5 supercharger kit. Behind the scene, we have written the custom tuning files that you’ve seen great results on the internet from previous done at Powerchip, RPi, Evosport, and much much more!

This will be a group buy event: Tuning will be discounted heavily, and custom tuning per application will be offered as well (never seen before on some of these models). Flash/Chip burning/and bench flashing of ECU’s and DME’s will be provided on-site! No need for a mail-in service. Cars that normally are mail-in and not able to custom tune on-site are no longer a problem. We can custom tune everything at this event – on-site while you wait.

As of now due to lots of interest, when our list fills up for day one (16th) we will open up for the second day 17th. We will be flashing cars on both days and allowing 5 cars a day for a custom dyno tune. We will be allocating 1.5 hours per vehicle for tuning as a minimum. Dyno time per hour is $75. If you want a custom dyno tune slot RSVP ASAP! However, if you are just looking for a flash tune, we will have technicians completing BDM/ODB1/and ODB2. We can schedule these flash tunes by appointment.

Below are some of the prices for BMW cars. All "custom tuned" dyno tunes are an extra $300 on top of this price. Dyno time is $75 per hour. These flashes includes a carefully catered tune to your modifications and driving style. For those who want even more power and customized tuning solution – remember we are offering dyno tuning at an astoundingly low price! ($300) This special will be held once this year and will not be good outside of the weekend of July 16th-17th so don’t miss out!

[center] ///M MODELS / Retail Price / Group Buy Price/ HP + TQ

E36 M3 $495 / $350 / 15hp 18tq

E46 M3 $495 / $395 / 12hp 18tq

E9X M3 $995 / $700 / 25-40hp and 25-40tq (stage 1 to V3 catless file)

E39 M5 $790 / $650 / 18hp 25tq

E60 (M5, M6) $1195 / $950 / 25-45hp 25-40tq (stage 1 to v3 catless file)

X5M $1590 / $1190 / 80hp 120tq

X6M $1590 / $1190 / 80hp 120tq

Z4M $790 / $650 / 25hp 20tq


E90 3 Series $590 / $470 / 18hp 25tq

E9X 335i $650 / $500 / 60hp 90tq

E8x 135i $650 / $500 / 60hp 90tq

E60 535i $650 / $500 / 60hp 90tq

E60 545 $990 / $650 / 20hp 20tq

E63 550 $990 / $650 / 20hp 20tq

All 6 series $790 / $650 / 20hp 20tq

E65 745-750 $790 / $650 / 20hp 20tq

All E46 3 series non M $445 / $350 / 18hp 15tq

All E39 5 series non M $445 / $350 / 20hp 25tq

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