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Very interesting

Originally Posted by big fra View Post
After FINALLY seeing what i believe will be the finished article i have decided to cancel my order for the new M3.I find the car just to much(apart from the bonnet)the same as a standard coupe.While we all know that the power is going to be over 400hp i just dont think it's going to be that much faster:mad: .I also have a craving for a porsche which i don't think will go away until ive had 1 So im going to keep my CSL for another year and hopefully by the time i have saved a bit i will look at the following porkers:911 tt,911 GT3,911 GT3RS(All 996 models as i could never afford a 997 in those models!)
I hope all off you lad's enjoy your new m3 when it comes and i'll see you on the roads SCAGS
Wow I am on the opposite end of the spectrum. I think it looks TOO much different than the 335i. Funny how folks can see things exactly opposite, given the same exact thing. However, this sucker is going to be brutally fast. I am so sure it will be neck and neck (or faster) than the M5 to 60/100. Sure 530hp (M5 is under rated) will pull away at some point but this thing is going to be fast. Check out my older thread on power to weight ratio here. It will be fantastic for this car. Last but not least it will be geared for speed. The E46 M3 was not all that stellar on power to weight but it still hauled a$$. Go for what you are lusting, that is the best decision, but hopefully you will at least see one of these on the streets and have a tinge of regret! Cheers.