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42 is a little cheap, just give it a good detail, check over the front bumper for blemishes and disclose them, you should be able to hit the 45k mark, if you know someone at a dealership that will get you the CPO warranty, you should be able to pull 47 maybe 48 for a 09'

if you were in cali my uncle could do it for about 2k so taking the "42" to maybe 47.5

a 5k return on 2k not bad, its all about what people are willing to spend.

I didnt mean to be harsh its just reality with the cars right now, my uncle who is the general sales manager of a dealership out here says they are slowing down their M3 orders because the market is going down for them. Granted most people on this site arent in the same boat at 80% of america.

GLWS man,