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So, does it work?

The answer is a cautious yes, but I need more testing to make sure. In its maiden test, I taped one of the intake flanges and went for a repeated braking test - similar to the bedding in procedure but not quite as severe (traffic was an issue). I tried to mimic a section of Summit Point Main track braking cycle: 100mph straight, followed by hard braking, 30 to 80 mph ramp up, moderate braking, 60 to 100 mph acceleration followed by hard braking, then coasting for 20 sec and stopping using the emergency brake. I then jumped out of the car and started measuring on both sides.

I noticed a difference of about 10-15F between peak temps across the rotor. The problem was that my pads weren't properly bedded in, so the temps varied about 50F across the surface (from the section that still has pad material baked in to the section that is smooth metal). Max temp was around 280F so in other words, not very hot.

My conclusion is that:
1. I need to bed my pads in properly.
2. I need to repeat the test at a more appropriate day/hour.
3. I may need another tester so we can jump out of the car and measure left/right at the same time.
4. Ultimate test will be at the track.

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