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Pic 1 - Finished undertray. Each duct is about 9" in this application. The part of the bowden cables that touch the ducts were wrapped in electrical tape (to make them thicker and less abrasive).
Pic 2 - Driver side detail.
Pic 3 - Passenger side detail.
Pic 4 - Air goes through here.
Pic 5 - Mounted on the car. The flange sits close to the overlapping border between the main undertray and the end piece - in order to fit the end piece I had to notch the edge of the end piece to fit around the flange (it becomes self evident once you try to put the tray pieces together).
Pic 6 - View from the fender liner. Not very pretty at the moment, I'll clean up the extra goop on my next track prep when I go in to change the brake pads.
I put lots of goop to seal the gaps between the alu flange beind and the fender liner - air will go through here at over 150 mph, we don't want any tears as a result. I should have gotten some black goop instead of the orange one, but I was running out of patience.
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