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Pic 1 - The other set of flanges, drilled and hammered to an approximate curvature. Plastic donuts are cut from the old piece of fender liner. In my original plan, the alu flange would sit behind the fender liner and the plastic donut in front of it, for reinforcement (like an outside plastic flange). The reality was that the screws were too short to penetrate all the materials, so I ended up not installing the plastic donuts.
Pic 2 - Different view of the hammered flanges with threaded clips attached. They don't have to be pretty, since they will reside behind the fender liner (but sure would be nice though).
Pic 3 - Front flange installed.
Pic 4 - This is what I used for fasteners at the front (light weight, non-corrosive, sufficient strength and built-in anti-vibration). Get yours at Autozone or similar.
Pic 5 - View from the other side - notice the shiny new bowden cable.
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