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First, had a stupendous time in Paree - been 4 times and this was the best time ever (and one of the best trips w/ my wife).

Second, Parisiens are cool & any superiority is fully justified ;-) Just make a bit of an effort and don't come across as some arrogant Anglophone that expects everyone to speak English. My only negative experiences were in cafes anywhere near a major tourist area (and yeah, then the waiters do speak English) - which is what happens in any big city these days when the locals have to deal w/ hordes of clueless visitors (ie they get a bit jaundiced). And one grumpy crêpe vendor who was bloody rude to the locals as well Guess he just hated his business.

Third - even if you speak little-to-no Française and sound execrable (as I do) - try a few pleasantries & it pays to have a phrasebook so you can translate the menus. Our best meals were at small restaurants, < 40 places, run by a small team and we were the only visitors. Menus and waiters have no English and we're fine w/ that

Saw just ONE M3 in 9 days. Quite a few P-cars; 2 599s; even a McLaren SLR 722s; a Gallardo and one red Z06. Monday late morning, Jerez E92, driving around Place de la République; middle-aged guy w/ mid-length silver hair. Anyone here, or that you know?

Won't be our last trip. And we will be renting an apartment again: to go to the local shops; walk to the marché, Bastille, Les Enfants Rouges & buy fresh produce (the tomates were fantastic and at end of the day we got 2 kgs for 2 EUR; just wander around randomly - not trying to tick off a list of sites.

Got to see USA vs ENG in a rugby pub in Ste Germain - great atmosphere!

Ended up at a really nice boutique hotel in Ste. Germain. Maybe ~ 20 rooms; nice and modern.

All good. And I'm still amazed - after seeing all the banged-up / scraped cars in Paris - that some m3posters are willing to drive their cars in the city

Centre Pompidou

From Arc de Triomphe (yes, I did adjust this image)

Night view


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