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Test Drive- Boxster Spyder

Stopped by Porsche of Arlington yesterday to take a look at a preowned GT3 that they have on the lot and happened to see the new Boxster Spyder.

Visually, it has to be one of the best looking Porsches ever. The back looks like a GT, the front like a 911 and the rest is Cayman. The inside is a work of art! The seats are Carbon, leather and suede and the removable top is framed in dry sweet! Everything is where it is supposed to be in the cabin and very driver oriented.

I drove the 6-speed version without the limited slip down I395 and did a few high speed off/on ramp runs followed by some driving in the city. Here are my thoughts:

Exterior: simply stunning. The ass end of this Porsche is a work of art.

Chasis/Steering: very direct and precise. The car felt super light....very go-kart like. This car is a pure drivers car and it let's you know this as soon as you slide into the GT3 style carbon buckets.

Brakes: felt great! We all know how good Porsche
brakes are.

Suspension: felt very forgiving in the city. Honestly, I thought it felt better than the comfort setting on the M3. I guess because the car is so light, the suspension doesn't have to work as hard to rebound after hitting bumps on the road. On the turns, it felt very flat and controlled. I did feel the back end slip a bit but this one didn't have the limited slip. Great ride!

Engine and tranny: considering that I haven't driven a manual since I purchased the DCT, I had a lot of fun! Nothing better than a smooth, 6spd tranny. The engine felt very strong and responsive and it is good enough for a sub 5 sec 0-60.

Honestly I was so impressed that for a second, I wanted to order one. However, when I got home I hopped into the ///M and realized how good the M really is.

The ///M being an 8 on a 10 scale, I give the Boxster Spyder a 6. Add the limited slip and another 100 HP and I would of probably ordered
one in White with red interior and black wheels. However at $67k for a well equipped Spyder, I think it is a good deal for those who want a drivers car that looks amazing and is a lot of fun to drive. While I still prefer my M3, I think the Spyder is much more fun of a car overall.

My first choice is still the GT3. There is one at the Porsche near Great Falls. All I have to do now is sell a kidney and my first born to afford one....where do I sign?


Written on my IPhone, please excuse all of the grammatical errors.