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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
The car totally covered in the video is the "production" version, I suspect. Why else would they risk moving it so carefully covered up? To keep prying eyes away is the obvious answer! OK why did the production-CSL concept have a warning about the RF calibration - simply because the system was not installed on this car or the rims do not support the system. Again, just speculation/debate, but Soctts reply seems to support this theory as well.

The car's been covered up because this was before the presentation on March 6th. You can see that the car has been "driven" to the place, from where Andi Priaulx started.. Here's a photo of the same car with the already changed concept rims:
[source: ]
Sorry, I mixed up runflat and FTM. So I didn't mean runflat, I meant the Flat Tire Monitor. This system works with the wheel speed sensors of the DSC. On this passive system theres no sensor or anything else in the rims or tires; so every rim "supports" the system. But if you change the tires/rims so that the wheel circumference also changes, the FTM is irritated and asks for recalibration.

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