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Originally Posted by Mark's M View Post
- Car has SAT for 6 days in a rail yard, 30 km from the dealership, and it leaves today finally. 6 days!!! Ridiculous.

That is quite a number of days to just be sitting there.

When my car was transported from Vancouver to Ontario (I bought one of the last remaining '10 335i coupes), it apparently also sat longer than it was supposed to in the rail yard, and my dealership was apologetic. They also gave me a loaner, which made me feel better. Maybe something's up with the rail yard.

Also, when you see it, as you probably know, it will be frakkin' dirty! My husband (who went to take pictures when it was delivered to the dealership) told me it was a GOOD thing I hadn NOT seen it in that state, lol! (Yes, I'm the car nut in the couple)
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