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Originally Posted by Javi335 View Post
First was the Alpha male when we are almost a tribe of monkeys

Then the emperors.

Then the kings.

Then the dictators.

Then the presidents.

Now the bankers.

Next? ... same old shit.
I can create a parody out of of this...

"The Emperors started out ruling with brute force...this worked quite well but the people knew there were repressed and tried to find a way to freedom. They milked the people of their money but eventually the people would find a way out of this enslavement...

The Kings did they same thing, they used the people's money to go to war and gain more land. In their lust for more power, they started the practice of Fiat based money so they could create more money than was produced by the people to finance their war's.

Enter Democracy, a HUGE step in the right direction; but now the people think because we won our freedom that is does not require constant come the bad guy's again, this time disguised and harder to see..controlling democratic nation's through the economics.

The President's now are ruled by the banker's who are smarter than the King's/Emperor's. They stay hidden from the people and rule by having control of the finances, whereby they can buy everything from the media companies to building huge Multi-national corporation's that create monopolies in the name of Capitalism and also finance both sides of war's using terms such as Patriotic and other's name that sound quite nice but only have one keep the violence and fear going so they can keep their power and keep the cycle going...they have a neat little trick called inflation that no one pay's attention to, the dollar falls every year but the people still get the same paycheck..but wait..I get payed the same as last year but now milk has gone up a dollar...prices of good's and services have gone up...oh well don't have time to think about it..back to work."

And the cycle continues..

Quick...someone call SNL it's almost Saturday.