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Originally Posted by Sleeper519 View Post
The GP Thunders are a simple xenon bulb replacement for the oem DRLs. Most people will use a higher temp bulb like 7500-8500k to get a purer white light with slight blue tint, versus ugly yellow oem.

I personally don't "get" the whole angel eye mystique brightness thing. I mean, for brightness I turn on the damn headlights. But for daytime running lamps all you're looking for is a little accent around the grill. Better light distribution between the inner and outer ring is the only concession I would make towards getting the higher-end lights (Aib, LUX. etc), but not for the $$$!

I JUST finished putting in my GP Thunder 7500ks. They look GREAT! Very white color, cost me literally $14 and took 10 minutes to install. Now they do dim down with the main headlights come on, and the color could be a little "whiter"--in hindsight I would go with the 8500k--but this was just the simple solution I needed.
I largely agree. Bulbs are a 80% (very rough number just IMHO) for the ugly yellow-ish stock angel eyes. And like you point out really cheap, fairly easy to install and keeps everything stock. I went with the same bulbs first for quite some months then added the Camaross kit to give them just a bit more brightness. Sure I'd like a bit more even illumination and a better ring design that has a wider viewing angle but both of those are quite tough problems to really solve fully. I guess that is the point all the way back to the OP - there is no "perfect" solution. Not everyone wants the same thing and even if the majority have very similar wants there is still no perfect solution.

BTW I also went 7500k and agree they could be bit more white when they dim but the 8500k are too blue and too ricey. 7500k for me was the best compromise.