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Originally Posted by Dartanium View Post
do you guys usually remove the remaining oil left in the oil filter housing?
I did. Not a big deal, but made me feel good . That'll probably put me right at 9 bottles. Bought 10 in case I need a bit more. Will find out next time I use the car.

Originally Posted by asloudasitgets View Post
damn i guess it is true bmw people on these boards are
First of all, if you were smart, you wouldn't generalize; why the hell are you insulting every member here rather than me alone ? Second of all, are people like you who are too lazy to read the freaking thread before asking something already discussed. And if you read it but didn't understand, you shouldn't be attempting to change the oil on your $70K car. It's not like we're not trying to help, but there's only so much you can 'teach' somebody over the internet. It's for your own good. Search for oil changes gone bad, and you'll find even dealer techs screwed up.

If you're serious about learning, start a thread on your regional forum and offer pizza or something to help you change the oil at your place. That's the best way to learn. Just make sure you have the extra tools needed, which are a 36mm socket, a proper torque wrench, a low-profile jack, and ramps and/or jack stands. You'll be surprised how much more helpful we can be if you ask the right way .