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Originally Posted by JulieDriving View Post
defm, Please post pics of your interior - I am very interested in that interior.

MarkM - thanks for your pics to date (some were hilarious btw ) - please post more of your beautiful interior when you get her back.
Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Agree. And I am looking forward to seeing the car with these wheels as soon as Mark's M gets it back in his hands!
Julie, mK, thanks guys and I'll be posting as soon as I can. On that note, let me add to the frustrations of ED.....

- Car was dropped off at Harms on 19 May and was loaded onto the boat on the 27th. Not too bad a time line I guess.

- Car took a mere 12 days to travel 3200 km's on a boat with a speed of 14 knots or so...pretty good IMO considering it had to stop in Belgium and England before arriving in Halifax on 08 June.

- Car was customs cleared in 1 day at Halifax - pretty good IMO

- Car was loaded onto a train bound for Toronto on 11 June and departed on 14 June, travelling 1500 km's and arriving on 18 June (with much thanks to BMWLVR for tracking it during the train ride), also pretty good.

- Car has SAT for 6 days in a rail yard, 30 km from the dealership, and it leaves today finally. 6 days!!! Ridiculous.

I expect delivery next week. Gonna be detailed, tinted and 3M cleared on front end and rocker panels beneath doors, wheel to wheel.

This is just TOO frustrating. And another "perk" for Canadian ED customers is that they have to insure their cars when they arrive at port. So I've been paying the premium since June 8th.

And my GTS wheels/tires didn't get shipped last week, they're still in Germany, supposed to be sent out this week. Don't know what the hold up is other than....well this is frustrating too 'cause I'm pretty sure they won't be here on time for me to pick up the car "as I ordered it". Crap. I told BMW Canada yesterday that quite frankly I was getting tired of the dealership visits, the endless e-mails and phone calls and was going into pout mode until it got here.!!!

So we'll see what happens next week. Right now I'm packing up the Volvo, the dogs and lots of Sailor Jerry and heading to our little trailer in northern Ontario to drown my sorrows.