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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
There is a "production" version of the M3 in Geneva as well as the concept M3 which we already saw. Like I said the one we have already seen is a hybrid between a production car and the CSL version. Here is a video of the production version. Mans those rims are UGLY. They just keep giving me more and more reason to not like this car.

This is the same car, the M3 Concept. Those rims are the 18'' we've already seen on different prototypes. The car has been driven to his starting point for the presentation and latter the rims have been changed to the 19'' concept rims. As a proof you can see HERE how much the BMW Runflat system (Flat Tire Monitor) did like the wheel change. On the I-Drive screen the message shows up: "Flat Tire Monitor has to be calibrated" [source: ]
So theres possibly a production M3 in Geneva, but we've not seen it yet.

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