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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
Remember I didn't scrutinize the panel. You seem to have taken care of the ground side of the bulb with the needle nose pliers. How about the positive contacts? Depending on the design, you could need a jeweler's screwdriver to raise the contact metal so it makes a more solid connection. It might have springs instead; I don't know. And finally, also check the connectors, ground, and all wiring, as one of the little terminals inside the connector could not be making enough pressure for a steady contact. It shouldn't be that hard to troubleshoot if you're a DIY guy. Try wiggling the bulbs, connector, hitting the panel with your hand, etc. and see if the brake light flickers or something. If you feel defeated, just take it in . Oh, and you might search for the actual SIB so you know exactly what you're dealing with. I remember reading about this problem, and how some folks fixed it, but honestly wasn't paying close attention since I didn't have the issue, and it was a while ago. Good luck man, and please keep us posted if you find what it is.

Quick update.

I was determined not to take my car in to get this looked at and have them blame something like my exhaust being the cause and charging me $120 to fix what is BMW's screw up.

I opened up the tail light again and pulled out all bulbs and used needle nose pliers again to make the connection really tight, wiped down connections with Iso and seems to have done the trick. 2 weeks now and now malfunction message.

Didn't bother searching for others but thats what I did.