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Originally Posted by kaykay View Post

Frozen grey has been available for $5k since the MY2011, it's an Individual Option.

BMW's marketing is hilarious... Add a little red leather, paint it with the FG Individual color and call it a "special edition" - pretty retarded for an anniversary car.

They should have done some really and truly unique to these "exclusive" models that set them apart from the rest of the gang, not just a matte color anyone can order...

Anyone can order a FG car, they just have to pay $5k.

It's nice, but not to my taste, a car should be metallic - you want a matte color, vinyl wrap your car for $1k and still have the luxury of a metallic car.

I've also heard that this paint is a pain to deal with, the coat is fragile, something along those lines... I wonder if this is true...

Good luck!
Not to take away the thunder from the OP, but I agree with the quoted post.