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I don't think it matters which dealer as each dealer and each car has unique costs. I've had dealers tell me "they don't make margins at $46k", so either they're flat out lying, or my theory is right.

For instance, if dealer got the M3 on a trade in, then he may be able to sell it slightly cheaper than if he got it at an auction b/c he's made profit on the new car sale, but only if they see and net both transactions out together. If the dealer books and views the used car sale and new car sale seperately, then he may want more for the used car since he's true reserve is the projected auction price to make his margin.

Good luck, I notice you're in DC area, there's a entry level sedan version in Columbia, MD right now. I tried to get him to bite at $41k (wishful thinking, I know), but I can't be that far off his cost considering I got a fully loaded one with half the miles of his for 46k.

Also, I was lucky enough to buy mine at a BMW dealership. So I didn't have to pay extra for the inspection, and they are required to perform an inspection before it leaves. They were also able to set everything up for me such as name transfers for warranty and BMW assist (I guess I trust the checks and balances to prevent conflicts of interest in my case)

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Which dealership, or who and where? I'm going to be in the market in 2-3 months for a used M3