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I'm thinking that they are right on. I would not have another car for a DD. I know that it is not the best track car, or the most luxurious. It is a track car, it is luxurious and it really feels so tight and well built. Everyone knows the GTR will kill it on a track, everyone knows a DB9 is pure sex and everyone knows that a 7 series is way more luxurious. I think C&D is giving us there honest opinion of what they would choose, if they could only have one. I read another article from them a few months back, about the M3. It was a refresh on it. They said after 3 years of it being out, they were so impressed, that they thought it might be the best car out there period. It is bias, because that is what they like, opinions are bias. I do believe that it is there honest opinion though.
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