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Originally Posted by Comet View Post
I tried going legit
I sat down, got a apple store account and set it up.
I found 1 song out of 12 that I was looking for. bought it. had to download the 11 other ones because they weren't new songs.
I still had to rely on pirating because not everything is available. Also, I couldn't play the music I bought using winamp. Which is my player of choice!
So not only can I not find all the music, but they want to force me on how I want to listen to it?
I can't put those itunes songs on my sony ericsson or my PS3. I can barely do anything with them.
You might have a point about the availability of some songs, depending on what music you're into. Anyway, the second part isn't true no more. iTunes has been completely DRM-free for over a year.

Originally Posted by Comet View Post
also, the guy is full of shit. When artists get booked to come do a gig, they get paid ridiculous amounts of money. I really don't feel bad for them.
Justin Timberlake is not going to go do a concert if he doesn't get paid.
Some of these artists' demands are insane.
Certain artists require you to book them a private plane. I'm not sure how it works in the US, but out here in Europe/Middle East, I have friends who bring in artists for shows and I've seen what they go through to get an artist.
They book private planes, pay them thousands of dollars (to hundreds of thousands depending on the artist) to play for a few hours.
No, this guy isn't talking about the big players, he's talking about the less known bands and labels. To them, music sales are far more important than to some 'top 100' artist (which doesn't mean it's OK to pirate their music). I bet everybody knows of an indie band they like which couldn't make it to a second or third album. I know I do, so that guy's article and his points are perfectly valid, IMO.

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