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International BMW Driving School Nordschleife Aug 1-4

Once a year BMW Club DE runs an international driving school at the Nurburgring. This year, the entire school is on the Nordschleife. It consists of 3 days of sessions on the track with a lead follow format and then open continuous laps. The track is split up into 3 sections and students spend half a day on each of the three sections continuously lapping. This breaks up the 13+ mile long track into more manageable pieces.

For americans living stateside, you can register at:

For anyone living in europe, you can register at:

For US service members, Gov civilians, and US contractors stationed in Germany you can use a VAT form on this.

Price is 1490 Euro VAT inclusive. VAT excluded its 1200 Euro (~$1500 USD).

For stateside US citizens, registering through the BMW CCA its $2200.

Why the cost difference? US citizens have to pay the VAT and the conversion was done back in December when the dollar was considerably weaker. So for those of us stationed in Germany, we are lucky and this is a truly unique opportunity.

Also take a look at the instructor list on the website. Its a who's who in german and international motorsport. For instance ever hear of Hans Stuck? You can get instruction from some world class drivers and maybe even get your car and helmet autographed

PM me if you have any questions. I'll try my best to help and hope to see some of you there.