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Originally Posted by FStop7 View Post
All the money is in concerts now.
Originally Posted by Freakazoid View Post
I've been told that from EVERYONE now... it's why I don't understand their article.
They actually make the specific reference that by going to the concert "if you're lucky" the musicians might get a cut. From musicians to producers to the sound techs, everyone has told me that the concerts are 100% where the musicians *really* get their share/cut of money.

Anyways for my personal standpoint, when they make things more reasonably priced, I'll be more willing to pay....

$1 a song is still atrocious imo. So are $100+ concert tickets...

Anyways...if I didn't download, I still wouldn't be paying, I'd be finding something else.

When I worked for GridLock I remember, for the Queen Mary event, during preliminary talks, GirLicious would be free (there was some quid pro quo), Ne-yo - $50k, and Black Eyed Peas - $85k.

Didn't read the article. In a hypothetical universe wherein piracy is not illegal: Music I will always pirate. Movies and Games I will buy what I like and pirate the rest. However, the movies and games I do buy will remain unopened since there is no point.