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Originally Posted by Sylon View Post
Lucky bastard! I want to go to one of these some time. Did you meet Audrey Cleo? She's a hottie.

Anyways, the only games I'm really excited about are GT5, LBP2 and Twisted Metal. PS Move isn't at the top of my list of must-haves, but we'll see. Might look into PSN Plus and MoH.
No I did not get to meet her... at least I think I didn't. The only girls I remember were the ones at Mafia II, who were Playboy models.

I played GT5 in 3D and wasn't too impressed w/ it... I thought I'd get a Virtua-Boy kind of experience. I saw somebody crash in the game and the car just kept spinning in midair though; that was pretty funny. I saw my friend play Twisted Metal and it looked really fun; it reminded me of the times I used to watch my brothers play.

I only went because I needed a day off and because I can get in for free (I don't work in the industry)... I have no idea what's going on in the video game world, aside from Medal of Honor (I got a Beta!) and CoD. Other than that, I felt that most games were just rehashes of old ones.

I wish I did have time to check out the ARDrone though.
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