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Waxing frozen gray

Originally Posted by midlifecrisis View Post
Hey Awesome - didn't realize you were there! Several M3Post members were there - and I think we all agree that the Comp Package wheels are fantastic.

The frozen gray looks pretty cool, but I don't know what I'd do if I owned a car that I couldn't wax!

The event was the NJBMWCCA's annual meeting at BMWNA HQ. Larry Koch organizes it for NA, and they set up 4 presentations in their training facility. We have 15 minute sessions in each training classroom, where the NA product manager and a technical trainer explain the vehicle. This year we saw the new 5 series, Z4 35is, 335is, and Alpina B7. The Frozen Gray M3 was under cover in the main hallway until Larry and Martin Birkmann unveiled it.

The evening wraps up with a Q&A session - this year with Martin Birkmann. There's also a raffle for a few door prizes. Four lucky people went home with "slightly used" wheels from the ALMS M3s. There was also a pile of bodywork scraps that lasted about half a minute. (One man's trash is another man's treasure!) They also raffled a couple of watches, scale models, and a few other things.

Thanks to the product people at BMW NA for continuing this long tradition!
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